Identity Theft Tips


Tips for minimizing your risk to identity theft:

Report all lost or stolen credit cards immediately.

Promptly remove delivered mail from your mailbox.

Deposit outgoing mail in an official mailbox or at a local post office.

If you don’t receive your mail for a couple of days, check with the post office to see if a change of address has been filed.

NEVER give personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call.

Memorize your social security number, passwords, and PIN numbers. Do not carry them with you or store them in your phone or computer.

Shred unwanted pre-approved credit applications, receipts, and bills.

Shred anything with your name, address and birthdate.

Do not have your driver’s license or social security numbers imprinted on checks.

Pick up new checks directly from the bank.

Carefully review all statements, including bank, telephone, cable and cell phone bills.

Review a copy of your credit reports at least once a year (

Keep a photocopy of all credit/debit cards (front and back) and other important documents in a safe place along with phone numbers to call in case the items are lost or stolen.